50 features small businesess should have on their website

Websites are a necessity for businesses of all sizes today — though, surprisingly almost half of small businesses don’t have websites. Still, there are so many design options to choose from and so many websites that it can be tough to know how to stand out. Beyond layout and colour scheme, there are a lot[…]

6 Signs Your Company Needs A Website Design Refresh

  Your company’s website is your gateway to new leads. As more and more consumers make decisions based on their online experience, your website is more important than ever. It should establish your company, provide information on your products or services, and ultimately generate leads. As a core component of your marketing strategy, your website[…]

5 reasons why you should invest in a new website in 2016

Fresh new marketing initiatives and new targets for sales have likely been discussed, but what about making ‘digital’ a real focus for your business in 2016? Here are 5 reasons we think you should invest in a new website in 2016, and why it’s the first step towards really getting serious about making digital part[…]

Brandlective express concern as 25% of UK startups operate without a website

Online Marketing Agency Brandlective expresses their concern at the high percentage of UK startups who lack an online presence. The Agency states that the internet plays a key role in helping companies of all sizes across the UK reach new customers, and for a startup to not have the basics in place will inevitably stunt[…]