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Off-page Search Engine Optimization Elements for Better Google Ranking

On-page SEO is important to welcome the increased traffic and convert them into buyers. But off-page SEO works behind the screen and it is the reason behind most of the traffic on a website. The Search Engine Optimization London or anywhere avail different SEO techniques precisely for the Off-page. Let’s take a look at the elements that affect Google ranking.

Whether it is London or another part of the world, the Best SEO Company in London can be only best if they understand how Google considers websites before ranking them. Below are the some of the factors that affect the ranking of any website on SERP.


Backlinks are an essential ranking factor for any website. The more backlinks created for the website the better ranking will be. Though this statement is not completely true precisely after Google’s Penguin update. However, backlinks are still an important factor for the ranking of a website.

Backlink’s Quality:

Google always appreciate the websites that have quality backlinks. One should avoid the link farms, as this can be harmful to your website. So, what makes quality backlinks? The SEO Expert in London or anywhere else agrees with the idea that the backlink from relevant and trusted source always considered as a quality backlink.

Backlink Anchor Text:

Google gives importance to the anchor text of backlinks also. The website should not abuse anchor text. Moreover, Google appreciates the longer anchor text, because anchor text is actually a short description of the page where it leads to the users.

Social Media:

Since almost every internet users are available on Social media, the popularity of a brand over there draws much attention to the Search engines like Google. Any Search Engine Optimization London or anywhere consider social media as the crucial part of the Off-page SEO company.

Source of the traffic:

Google also keeps its eye on the traffic source of websites. There is spam and there is an authentic source of traffic. Therefore, if a website involved in buying traffic from linking schemes then the website must be penalized.

Domain Age:

Age of the domain also impresses Google when ranking your website. The older domain is, the more credible your website will be.

Website directory submission:

This is another effective off-page technique and this is not just to bring relevant traffic to your website, but also impresses search engines to consider your website while ranking for certain keywords. It is recommended to sign up for the prominent directories as it provides valuable benefits.

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