1 in 4 Businesses Without Website

New FSB Report – 1 in 4 Businesses Without Website

With 1 in 4 small businesses operating without a website, local businesses are struggling to compete with supermarkets.

Local Business Week is underway with a warning from experts who say the local high street could be missing out on new jobs and growth because small businesses don’t know how to market themselves.

With most unable to compete with the advertising budgets of bigger business, a report by the Federation of Small Businesses shows one-in-four small UK businesses are operating without a website, and for those that do have one, only a third are using it for sales.

And with research by Thomson showing nearly 9 in 10 of us like the convenient locations of the big supermarkets, it’s feared smaller companies are struggling to find new customers and grow.

Local Business Week, running until Sunday May 19th, is calling on UK shoppers to ‘Take the Pledge’ and buy three things from their high street, local shop or local service. But how do the shopkeepers, butchers, plumbers, decorators, hairdressers and countless other small firms in your area find new customers and help bring local jobs and new life to your high streets, towns and villages?

We’ve been investigating to find out.

Ref: Local Business Week



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